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Сode: RF-0102-TUV
442 $.

All Features

  • Age: 14+
  • Number of users: 1
  • Safety area (m2): 13 m2
  • Safety area dimension (mm): 3663 x 4055 mm
  • Machine dimensions (mm): 733 x 1055 x 1482 mm

Topsoil installation time (h)/ Number of workers:

  • 1,5/2

Max height of fall (mm):

  • 915 mm

Maximum load on the footboard, seat and backrest (kg):

  • 160 kg

Country of production:

  • Russia


  • EN16630:2015


Abdominal, hips and legs muscles and joints training. Short-term or long-term aerobic exercise. Exercise improves blood circulation and telae trophism.
Starting position «Bicycle»: being seated and gripping the handles, gently place your feet on the pedals.
Performing exercises: being seated and gripping the handles, rotate the pedals.


Raw materials and fittings used in production, such as rolled steel, bearings, metal wear, plastic, rubber, powder coating, - have all necessary DIN, GOST and REACH certificates. Outdoor fitness conforms EN 16630:2015 and have TUV Certificates. As such, outdoor fitness conforms SII1497 and is allowed to be installed in Israel. Depending on the client demand, products are made of either black steel or galvanized steel. Both demands stipulate anticorrosion preparation. Namely:
-no galvanisation provided: sandblasting/zink containing Coating/RAL powder coating. 
-galvanization provided: sandblasting/etching/galvanization/RAL coating
The thickness of colored coating 150 mcm.